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Conservatory Roof Replacement Manchester

also Atrincham – Bury – Salford and Warrington

Give your conservatory a new stylish and modern solid roof with our Ultralight Conservatory Roof Replacement that comes with a Ten year guarantee

Warmframe are specialists in low cost, energy efficient conservatory roof replacement

for Manchester & surrounding areas.

If your conservatory becomes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, then a Warmframe conservatory roof replacement is the perfect solution and will allow you to use that perfect living space all year round, regardless of the weather.


Made to Measure


10 Year Guarantee


Beautifully crafted

Our conservatory roof replacements are a fast and affordable way to convert your old conservatory into an all-year-round living area.

Specialist Design

We build conservatory roof replacements that not only solve heating or cooling issues, they also add real value to your property and allow you to get the maximum benefit of the extra living space.

Our highly qualified conservatory roof installers will design and fit your new roof, assuring you it is not only aesthetically pleasing but installed to the highest quality of workmanship, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

A room for all seasons

The roofing systems found on most conservatories has, by design extremely poor insulation properties, and even the use of roof blinds are not the ideal solution.

Which means that during the winter months, it is almost impossible to keep your conservatory at an ambient tempreture. The opposite occurs during the summer, as  room can become unpleasantly hot for everyday use because of the solar heat conducted into your conservatory.

We've got you covered

Warmframe’s unique ultra-lightweight roof replacement systems can be installed with the minimal of fuss and disruption, and will transform your conservatory into a functional and desirable living area that justifies the money you have already spent.

On completion you will have access to what will feel like a completely new living environment where you can retreat to all year round, and at the same time saving you money on your heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Please view our gallery to see some of our beautiful roof designs & finishes.

Warmframe provide conservatory roof replacements for Manchester and all surrounding areas.

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